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10 Christmas Ideas for the Pinup-Retro Girl in Your Life

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Do you have a retro girl in your life that doesn’t quite fit the mold of the stuff sold at the mall?  She wears vintage clothing, likes unique, one of a kind things, and just generally marches to her own beat?   Here is some ideas to make you Christmas shopping a little easier!


1. Devil In Disguise Pinup jewelry –  because jewelry ALWAYS fits!

Browse through my large inventory or message me about a special personalized piece – I promise to make something special that nobody else will be wearing!


2. Gift certificates to online vintage stores

My favorites are Pinup Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage.  Some other good ones are Trashy Diva and eShakti.  At eShakti she can get a dress custom made to her measurements for only $7.50 extra. (!!!)

Trashy Diva Ashley Dress


3. Pinup- Rockabilly purse

I have a line of purses –  here is one of my favorites-

Another local company I love and own a purse from is Star Struck Clothing

4. Pinup Art Books – if she loves pinup, she’ll love some art from the golden era of pinup –

The Art of the Pinup

The Great American Pinup

 5. Rockabilly Music

We now generally buy our music online now and download it, but if you are wanting to get some vinyl, classics like Elvis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins are a good start.  If you are looking for  something  modern,  bands like Imelda May, JD McPherson and The Reverend Horton Heat   might be the way to go.  When in doubt buy a gift card!

6. Gift Certificate to her favorite tattoo artist’s shop

Your girl may or may not be into ink, but if she’s got more than 1 tattoo, my guess is she probably has ideas for more.  All of my ink is done at Looking Glass Tattoo and Gallery in Topeka, KS.  I have had work done by all the artists there and highly recommend any of them.

7.Retro Hair Clips and How-To’s

Retro hairstyles can be difficult, especially if you are new to it.

And no retro hairstyle is complete without a flower hair clip!  I have a few in my shop

Or you can opt for a more classic flower-

 8.Pinup Photo Shoot

There are lots of photographers that specialize in pinup shoots and even offer full styling – hair, makeup and clothing for the shoot.   She will feel beautiful and the photos can range from classic to racy – so everyone wins 😉   Local photographers that have beautiful work are Atomic Photography and Vixen Pinup Photography.

9.  DVD’s of classic movies

Is she also a film buff? Maybe film noir or just classic movies?   Having favorite old movies on hand to watch at any time is always a safe bet.  Need some ideas?

10.  Tickets to Viva Las Vegas!

If you are willing to spend a bit more and want her to love you forever, get her tickets to Viva Las Vegas.  Viva is a 3 day pinup-rockabilly event in Las Vegas.  It has shows, bands, vendors, cars and pinup gals everywhere. It is a mecca for the pinup gal!   The dates in 2015 are April 2-5th. Buy tickets ASAP as this is a large event and tickets can sell out.

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