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Devil In Disguise is a Pinup and Rockabilly inspired line of jewelry and accessories by Angela Lexow.   I take the classic influences of  bright colors, old school tattoos, roses, cameos, skulls and  anything that says “vintage” to me to create my accessories. I have been creating and designing jewelry for about 10 years and created Devil In Disguise because of my love and fascination for the styles of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Pinup and Rockabilly style is just fun!  I find my closet is being taken over by the style.   I am also a painter and a fine art gourd artist, my other work can be found at Lexow Studios.


What is “Pinup Style”?




Pinup style refers to a style influenced by “pinup”  models primarily from the 40’s and 50’s.  Classic and vintage cuts of clothing and retro patterns for the fabrics.  The style is glamorous, with perfectly styled hair and makeup – think victory rolls, winged eyelashes and red lipstick.  Pinups became popular at the turn of the 20th century, and the term “pinup” refers to the way men would literally pin-up drawings and photos of models on their walls. 




What is” Rockabilly”?

Rockabilly Redhead

Rockabilly Redhead (Photo credit: xddorox)


Rockabilly is many things -in the simplest terms it refers to a style of music (see Music) and clothes, and even a sub-culture.  Rockabilly is similar to Pinup style, in that it is influenced by the 1950’s-  but it is slightly more rebellious and edgy.   There are some subcategories of Rockabilly, including Psychobilly which is also influenced by Punk. This tends to have more of a morbid look with more use of tattoos, skulls and zombies.