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Pinup Models

Fun photos of pinup models vintage and modern

Favorite Pinup Models

There are lots of lovely ladies working as pinup models.  These are a few of my favorites and ones that I follow because I love their style and the info they give for your own style and the things…

Bunny Yeager-Iconic Pinup Photographer

If you know your pinup – you know that famous pinup photographer Bunny Yeager died a week ago at age 85.  Bunny Yeager helped launch Bettie Page’s iconic career while launching her own.  Bunny herself was a…

Watch “The Seven Year Itch”

Everyone loves Marilyn Monroe – including me.  Probably my most favorite and her most famous is “The Seven Year Itch” .  Marilyn is iconic in this movie – young, beautiful and a little ditsy.  Of…

Old School Pinup Models

Below are some classic iconic pinup photographs.  I just love the original classy pinup girls!   I didn’t include Bettie here – she deserves her own post -coming later 😉


Betty Grable

Rita Hayworth

Marilyn Monroe

Jane Russell


Jayne Mansfield

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Elly Mayday – Pinup Model and Kicking Cancer

Elly Mayday is one of my favorite pinup models- she is curvy and cute and breaks the mold.   At only 25 years old, she is also battling a rare form ovarian cancer.  She has begun chemo, had several…

Doris Mayday- Pinup Model

Doris Mayday is probably my most favorite model in Pinup right now.  She is beautiful and has amazing style!  And I love her no matter what her hair color is 😉 She was featured on TLC’s “My Crazy…