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Jewelry Studio Redo

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So I make all my jewelry and purses and all things Devil in Disguise from my home studio. (I also have a painting studio in the Topeka Art District NOTO).  My home studio is just NOT working for me anymore, and its time for a redo. I have been keeping a file of ideas on Pinterest, and here are a few of the ideas that I am going to use.  When its completed, I will post before and after pics.

This is my MOST favorite color combo – so  I am going to repaint the studio.  I am going to paint the walls some form of turquoise with white trim and red/black/white accents.  My floor is still carpeted, but I may sometime in the future, go with peel and stick black and white floor tiles.

I'm diggin' the retro look.

I have SO MANY beads  – which don’t all have a home yet .  I have got to break down and buy storage and take the time to separate everything out so that its organized and easy to use.

Mixed-Media Jewelry Artists: Sneaking a Peek at Their Studio Spaces - Jewelry Making Daily - Jewelry Making Daily

I am going to get bookshelves and 1-2 tables to hold all my stuff. One of the tables will be so that I can leave my sewing machine out all the time and not have to haul it out and put it away every time I want to use it.

Traditional Home Office Craft Room Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 7. Ikea expedit.

Lots of bookshelves and better organization will allow me to display some of own personal pinup items when I am not using them – my purses, shoes, some of the jewelry in my collection, etc.

Tawnya Norton & her studio are featured in the Nov/Dec/Jan '14 issue of Where Women Create magazine | Photography by Kristin Fitzgerald #jewelry

And last, I have a ceiling fan in my studio, which I will probably keep because it can get hot in there, but I may paint it a fun color(s) like these chandeliers (which coincidentally I already have in my kitchen!).  I LOVE color!

Have 2 of these in my kitchen :)

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