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Neo-Noir/Retro-esq Films

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In the ’90’s there were some really great movies made- that to me all sort of have what I call a “retro-esq” feel to them. (okay okay  there is one from the late 80’s in here…) Some of them are even classified as “Neo-Noir”.  They have throw backs to older Noir movies, retro sets and costumes, classic cars, and classic old-school songs used in the movie and/or on the soundtrack.  Quite a few on this list are David Lynch or Quentin Taratino movies. These movies are all a little twisted, but they are (in my opinion) GREAT movies.  You might have ones to add or delete from the list – leave a comment -I’d love to hear your thoughts!


1.True Romance –

Reservoir Dogs-

Pulp Fiction

Mulholland Drive

Lost Highway

Blue Velvet (this is from 1986 – I had to double check this! I didn’t realize it was that early)

Wild at Heart








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