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Retro Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

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I have had short hair almost my whole life – I was in the 5th grade when I cut it all off and went “boy short.”  I tried in college to grow it out but gave in and cut it off again. I did manage to grow it long enough to have a bob – which I had for YEARS.  I am currently growing it out – it has made it to touching my shoulders now and I finally have enough to make an itty-bitty ponytail.   I tell you all that because I am still learning how to use styling tools.  I never had need of anything other than a hairdryer most of my life. I now own 2 curling irons with different size barrels, a straightener, hot rollers and hot sticks and various clips, bobby pins, flowers, etc. Sometimes I still find these things overwhelming.  I watch tutorials all the time and play when I get some time.   Pinup hair is like everything else in life – practice makes perfect – or at least easier!   Here are my go to styles for right now because my hair is still not super long and I still have so much to learn!

Marilyn Hair

I love this because I have used it when my hair was alot shorter- it works for various lengths. I also thing its fairly forgiving.  There are no perfect rolls to master.  Lots of curls and you can brush it out as much or as little as you want.  Plus I just find this classic and timeless.

What's up - Hair Updos and styles / retro 50s hair. found on Polyvore

Rosie Hair

This is great for car shows, bad hair days, or days when the original hairstyle you were going for just didn’t work out!  You can cover the whole back of your hair with a bandanna, or just rolled up like a headband.  This was my favorite look when my hair was shorter (like mine was with a stacked bob), because you can use the full bandanna and nobody will know your hair is short!  I had enough hair to do a roll in the front and pull off the full style when I couldn’t yet with many other styles.


Vintage bandana hairstyles - pin-up girl, Rosie the Riveter, or rockabilly-inspired looks.

Half – Retro Hair

I don’t have a name for this one – its my made up name!  As it starts to grow out, sometimes you just want to leave it down and not curl everything.  I love this because it only requires minimal work – a few curls for the top front and some in the back.  Add a cute pinup flower and you are good to go.  Simple, elegant  and best of all time-friendly! And you still get a great retro look.

wedding hair

1960’s Flip

I use this a lot for everyday wear.  Again – time friendly, simple, just a bit of curling and you have an instant retro look and works for all different lengths of hair.

60s Flip Hairstyles | Annette Funicello/ The Peggy Flip : Fun and Flirty Hair!!

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