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Pin-up girl


In the pinup-rockabilly world, tattoos are common -almost the norm I would say.  I have one on my lower back (AND NO ITS NOT A TRAMPSTAMP. I HATE that word). I have one on my inner ankle, and…

Pinups and Classic Cars

I’m going to keep going with the car show theme with Greaserama coming this weekend. Enjoy these vintage car pinups!




A Little Hair History

Pinup hair is key to getting a vintage pinup look and victory rolls are a key part of that look.  The look is thought to be named after the smoke curls trailing behind the WWII fighters.  Its also…

Are you ready for the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is a BIG deal in my neighborhood  – and actually a couple places around town.   We have been known to make it to several parties for the 4th of July.  Finding party wear…

Time for a Little Summer Fun!

It’s the longest day of the year!  What are YOU doing on this beautiful first day of summer?  Enjoy some classic pinups to get your summertime started!





picnic pinup





Bunny Yeager-Iconic Pinup Photographer

If you know your pinup – you know that famous pinup photographer Bunny Yeager died a week ago at age 85.  Bunny Yeager helped launch Bettie Page’s iconic career while launching her own.  Bunny herself was a…

Dita Von Teese’s Pinup Hair How-To

I love Dita’s style – she is always so together and perfect!  I have had super short hair most of my life, so curling my hair is something that I still find challenging now that my hair is longer.…

Elly Mayday – Pinup Model and Kicking Cancer

Elly Mayday is one of my favorite pinup models- she is curvy and cute and breaks the mold.   At only 25 years old, she is also battling a rare form ovarian cancer.  She has begun chemo, had several…

Doris Mayday- Pinup Model

Doris Mayday is probably my most favorite model in Pinup right now.  She is beautiful and has amazing style!  And I love her no matter what her hair color is 😉 She was featured on TLC’s “My Crazy…