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Pinup Girl

Watch South Pacific

South Pacific has always been one of my favorite musicals.  It was made into a movie in 1958.  This is the “Honey Bun” scene where a show is being put on for the troops -and they have a…

10 Basics of the Pinup-Rockabilly Wardrobe

Are you to new to the Pinup-Rockabilly scene? Want to learn more about how to dress the part?  This is a great video by The Cherry Dollface (love her! Go follow her wherever you can).  She lays out…

Old School Pinup Models

Below are some classic iconic pinup photographs.  I just love the original classy pinup girls!   I didn’t include Bettie here – she deserves her own post -coming later 😉


Betty Grable

Rita Hayworth

Marilyn Monroe

Jane Russell


Jayne Mansfield

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Pearl Frush – Female Pinup Artist

The first image is one of my all time favorites pinups.  I had to search for quite awhile to find who created this pinup. Her name was Pearl Frush (sometimes using her married name Mann), and she was quite…

How to go Pinup in Cold Weather

I have been asked recently “What do I wear when it’s cold outside?  Everything is made for warm weather!”  I agree that most pinup-rockabilly clothes are tailor made for warm weather. However, just a few little additions and…

Gil Elvgren


If you are a pinup fan, you have seen some of Gil Elvgren’s work.  He was one of the most prolific and popular pinup artists, working from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.  He worked for clients…