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World War II

Genres of Pinup

There are MANY different kinds of pinup – some are synonymous with others and others are a bit on the fringe.  But, the pinup world is so fabulously wide and open, you can find a niche – or…

A Little Hair History

Pinup hair is key to getting a vintage pinup look and victory rolls are a key part of that look.  The look is thought to be named after the smoke curls trailing behind the WWII fighters.  Its also…

Andrews Sisters – Music of the 1940’s

Taking the music back a little further today to the 1940’s and World War II.   The Andrews Sisters were actual sisters and the world’s most popular female singing group of the time. One source lists 113 singles chart…

Old School Pinup Models

Below are some classic iconic pinup photographs.  I just love the original classy pinup girls!   I didn’t include Bettie here – she deserves her own post -coming later 😉


Betty Grable

Rita Hayworth

Marilyn Monroe

Jane Russell


Jayne Mansfield

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