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In the pinup-rockabilly world, tattoos are common -almost the norm I would say.  I have one on my lower back (AND NO ITS NOT A TRAMPSTAMP. I HATE that word). I have one on my inner ankle, and I also have one that starts on my left shoulder blade and goes up and around to a half sleeve.  I only started getting tattooed a few years ago. When I was in college and it was the thing to do, I didn’t get any, mostly out of fear of my parents’ reactions and because I didn’t want some random thing I wouldn’t like years later.  I have always really loved tattoos and as an artist, I finally got over my fear of my parents (in my 30’s no less!).  I now have several and just got my latest one touched up a bit yesterday. As usual, it has me thinking about my next one. (lol). I also teach yoga, so I am thinking of a old school pinup girl doing a handstand.   Just not sure where to put it yet.  Here is my inspiration –

vintage retro paisley diving lady pool swimming tattoo heart    omg, love!    I love this SO much that I might actually get it and if I do I will add small tattoo symbols I always wanted on to her...Old school tattoo by The Bird & The Whale


My current tattoos – All work done at Looking Glass Tattoo & Gallery


angelastatt (2)IMG_2291


Judith White                                                             Chris Lyon


Shoulder piece – Chris Lyon

half sleeveIMG_7233

Half sleeve by Judith White                                                                          By Klayton Edwards


What tattoos do you have? How many? When did you start getting them?

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