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In addition to my website and many other social media sites, I am an avid user of Tumblr.  If you want to know a little more about me, all you have to do is look there.  Its full of all that I love (or sometimes hate), things that inspire me, celebrity crushes, things I feel etc.  I TRY to keep my Devil in Disguise account more retro inspired than anything else, but sometimes other obsessions of the moment take over.

Right now I am reading alot of poetry, so things like this make it into my dash – Good God What  A Night That Was.  SWOON.  That VOICE! (And I DO have alot of Tom Hiddleston on my dash – sorry – not sorry).

I LOVE old images and reblog cool images with great style in them like this one:


Art that I love:


Vintage Pinup Art:


Tattoos or tattoo designs I dig:


And an occasional NSFW image:


If you dont’ have a Tumblr account, get in and play around -it is alot of fun.  🙂  If you are a Tumblr too and would like to follow me – follow me here.


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